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Documentary Now REVIEW

IFC’s newest original comedy series Documentary Now! lovingly parodies some of the world’s best-known documentaries. Dame Helen Mirren (The Queen, The Audience) serves as host of this six part series, lending the gravitas that documentaries of this caliber so rightly deserve. Starring Fred Armisen and Bill Hader, each episode is shot in a different style of documentary filmmaking, and honors some of the most important stories that didn’t actually happen.

My roommate and I decided to turn this on, because we believe that Fred Armisen and Bill Hader can do no wrong, and we were not disappointed.

Documentary Now is a show that parodies (obviously) documentaries. Some lean more towards the silly side, and some the more dramatic. Each episode of the show is a completely different story with completely different characters, with the exception of one two-part episode. Currently, on Netflix, there is one, seven episode season.

The Good:

  • As always, Bill Hader and Fred Armisen are amazing. They are pretty much exactly what you would expect them to be (cross dressing and stuff). They are both laugh out loud hilarious, but also pull off the dramatic bits too.
  • While some episodes may be funnier, or deeper than others, they are all fairly good stories. I thought this was impressive because they are all so different and original, so you would assume that at least one episode would be bad.

The Bad:

  • I wouldn’t say there is anything glaringly bad about this show but my warning is that if you don’t necessarily like Fred Armisen’s sense of humor this show is not for you. That means if you have seen Potlandia and didn’t like it, I just wouldn’t waist your time. They are very similar.

All in all I had a REALLY good time watching this show (all in one night might I add). If this sounds like something you would like, and you have a little spare time, I would highly recommend this show.

I rate it 8.5 out of 10 phony documentaries.




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