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Creepy Short Stories REVIEW(s)

Sorry I have been absent for a few days, but I got super busy, and honestly didn’t have much to write about. But today I was reminded of some short stories I read towards the end of 2015 (mostly unpublished and on Reddit NoSleep ((links included to stories)) ) that I LOVED and thought some of y’all would enjoy them as well.

Although I will give a rating to these I won’t speak of the good and bad in fear of spoiling anything

The Whistlers


A man finds a journal shoved into a backpack, written by someone who was stranded in the woods.

Rating – 8/10



A man recaps interconnected memories from his past. (This was actually published into a book!)

Rating – 9.5/10



A teenager moves to a new town and uncovers some disturbing events taking place.

Rating – 9/10

The Yellow Wallpaper

download (1)

A woman is locked in her room. (sorry this one isn’t published online, but I’m sure you could find it somewhere)

Rating – 8.5/10


Sorry for the short post, but I really am worried that i would give something away about these stories, and I want y’all to have the same experiences I did.





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7 thoughts on “Creepy Short Stories REVIEW(s)

  1. I keep meaning to get Penpal. I love Creepypasta & such, but I have a hard time with the NoSleep reddit tag cause the layout of the site hurts my eyes, but sixpenceee on tumblr posts a lot of them.

    I love spooky things!! Imma have to look up the rest of this list now. ♡♡♡

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    1. Sorry to hear that it hurts your eyes. If I remember right, I think there I way to change the backdrop from black to white but I’m not 100% on that

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