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Hush (2016) // Movie REVIEW

Rated R

Directed by Mike Flanagan 

Starring  John Gallagher Jr. and Katie Sigel

Y’all…this movie…THIS MOVIE!



I saw Chris Stuckmann‘s review for this movie and was so intrigued by the premise. The movie is basically about a deaf and mute, author who’s home is invaded.

The Good :

  • This movie wastes no time getting to the “meat”. While, in some movies, this actually works against the story, it really works for this one.
  • This movie starts running and NEVER slows down. It does not give you one minute to catch your breath and I loved that. I can’t explain to you why I avoid stress at all costs in my everyday life, but when a movie stresses me out I LOVE it.
  • The reasons that she can’t call anyone is actually believable and I admire that in a movie.
  • Both the woman and the intruder are SMART! I love when characters in horror/thrillers aren’t idiots.
  • The acting in this is fantastic. I was so impressed with Katie Siegel, for being able to portray the character’s emotions without being able to say anything.

The Bad :

  • While the two main characters were acted very well, the supporting characters’ was less than great.
  • Some things were kind of unbelievable in this movie, and I am nitpicking, but it is important to me that my movies are believable.


In the end, I LOVED this movie and I highly recommend it. It is currently instant on Netflix, so go watch it right now.

I rate this movie 8.5 out of 10 Potential Endings.






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