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The Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) // Movie REVIEW

Rated – R

Directed by Adam Robitel 

Starring – Jill Larson, Anne Ramsay, and Michelle Ang


A documentary team tries to make a movie about an elderly women with dementia

Right after watching Hush (see my review for that here) my roommate talked me into watching THIS! Fun fact about myself – old people kind of creep me out and let me tell you this DID NOT help.

The Good –

  • This movie is a well done “found footage” movie. Which I really appreciate. I love seeing this format of film done well.
  • All of the acting was good, which I honestly never expect when I watch a horror movie. I was especially impressed with Jill Larson.
  • I expected this to be a cliche exorcism movie, and it wasn’t. It was an interesting twist.
  • I audibly screamed at least 2 times during this movie. I sure everyone else in the my residence hall hates me because of it. Like honestly, this move is actually terrifying. I actually woke up at 4:30 this morning because I had a nightmare from it.
  • The imagery is disgusting and call me a freak but I LOVED it.

The Bad –

  • There were instances where this fell into the found footage movie cliches. Especially during the climax and it actually made me really nervous, but after thinking about it for awhile, I am bothered about it.
  • There were a couple characters I couldn’t care less if they lived or died. They seemed pointless to the story.

This movie was SO CREEPY I really liked it, but if you want to sleep, don’t watch this one. This movie is on Netflix, so if you are interested you know where to find it.

I rate this 7.5 out of 10 snakes



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