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4. Desert Exile ; The Uprooting of a Japanese-American Family – Yoshiko Uchida REVIEW // 4/21/16

I apologize for the fact that I am not posting a “Thoughts on…” today. I have an exam coming up and needed more time to study for it. I also know that I said the next review I would have up is Stephen King’s The Dark Tower III – The Waste Lands, but I had to read this book for a class, and put it off way too long as it is. I want to have The Waste Lands up soon, but I can’t promise anything.


After the attack on Pearl Harbor, everything changed for Yoshiko Uchida. Desert Exile is her autobiographical account of life before and during World War II. The book does more than relate the day-to-day experience of living in stalls at the Tanforan Racetrack, the assembly center just south of San Francisco, and in the Topaz, Utah, internment camp. It tells the story of the courage and strength displayed by those who were interned.

This book is an autobiography of a woman who was taken to a concentration camp after the bombings at Pearl Harbor, during WWII. It was a pretty interesting read, but you know how it is when you are forced to read a book for school, so it was kind of a drag.

The Good :

  • Like I said, this was a pretty interesting read. I feel like it really informed me about what the Japanese-Americans went through, during this time. It opened my eyes to the injustice that goes on, that I hadn’t previously put much thought into.
  • Uchida is a wonderful author. She personifies herself and her family really well. I feel like I know them after reading this book, and I also loved them.

The Bad :

  • The worst thing about this food is that I was forced to read it, as I mentioned earlier. I love to read, but only on my own terms. This just takes the fun out of it. I think that I went into this book with a closed mind and even though I enjoyed the read, I really couldn’t get into it.

All in all, if you are into history or biographies, you’ll enjoy especially if it’s not assigned.

I would rate it 6.5 assigned readings out of 10 



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