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5. The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands – Stephen King // 4-27-16

I know this review took forever and a day to go up (like I read the last dark tower book in JANUARY) but you know, life happens in the middle of a 500 page book sometimes. I can’t promise when the next review will be up, because finals week is coming up so I’m either going to be reading A TON (aka procrastinating) or none at all. Anyway. Without further ado, my thoughts on Stephen King’s third installment of The Dark Tower series.

This book picks up five weeks after the second book and follows the growth of Roland’s team of gunslingers.

The Good:

  • This book really fleshed out the characters King introduced us to in the two previous books. Although you don’t know everything about any of them, by the end, that actually works in favor of the series.
  • The addition of an old friend to Roland’s team of gunslingers was a pleasant surprise.
  • King delved into paradoxes in a way I have never seen before and it was SO interesting.
  • Also the addition of a pet companion was really exciting for me. It is also an animal out of King’s imagination and he is so cute!

The Bad :

  • At the beginning of the book I thought the series was going to go a different, more action packed, way than it did and I honestly was more interested in the way that it didn’t go than it did.
  • Like I said I thought the alternative way would be more action packed, and this book is really void of action. I understand not every book in a series can be ultra exciting, but this book had trouble keeping my attention.

I’m sorry that this is a short review. The farther in the series I go, the more trouble I have talking about it without spoiling anything, as I’m sure you can all understand.

I rate this book 7.5 mind-bending paradoxes out of 10



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