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Thoughts on Thursdays | Writing

Much like any person, I have obviously grown in and out of interests. That’s just how life works. Two things I have always loved, and never really grew out of, was reading (obviously) and writing. It is actually one of my life goals to get a book published some day, but my writing is FAR from acceptable, as of now.

While I said that I have always loved writing, I often find myself wildly discouraged when trying to write, and usually just give up for a few months before I try again. Around December of 2015, I got insanely motivated to write more. This happened almost solely because I read On Writing – Stephen King. Now we all know that I LOVE King’s work, but it wasn’t until finished IT and read On Writing that I grew to really respect him as an author.

In On Writing King states that in order to be a great writer you must write and read every day. So, seeing that I desperately want to be a great writer I really want to be able to read and write every day, but I only have so much time and creativity.

In order to try to flex my writing abilities I try to write short stories whenever I have the ideas and inspiration, but I also try to use this blog. It was not the original idea, to use this blog to help me write, but writing words is writing words, am I right?

So I basically, I rambled on forever about writing, and my question for y’all is, where is the best place to get short stories out in the world? It is rather disheartening spending months writing something, and then no one sees it.

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Just a college student with an unnatural love for books and too many thoughts to keep to herself.

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