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My Summer TBR

download (1)So my school is ending VERY soon, and that means SUMMER! You know what summer means? Reading. Lots and lots of reading! So I thought it would be fun to lay out everything I want to read by next August.

Civil War – Mark Millar (Author) / Steve McNiven (Illustrator)

Ok so I plan on reading this as soon as I get home from school so that I  can read this before I see the movie. I do have to wait a little while to see it, because my dad (who I see all the superhero movies with) is out of town for awhile. So I’ve got some time to read this, but not too much.

Wytches Vol. 1 – Scott Snyder (Author) // Jock (Illustrator)

This has been on my TBR since March, as you know. I am so looking forward to reading this, but I just haven’t had the time to start it. I am hoping to get to it very soon.

The Inheritance Cycle – Christopher Paolini

(Eragon, Eldest, Brisignr, Inheritance)

Inheritance Cycle cover.jpg

Ok, so I know I literally JUST trashed on Eragon in my Book Sacrifice Tag (check it out),  but I mentioned that I didn’t like this book to one of my friends and he was honestly offended. I figured, if he liked it so much, I might as well give it another chance (because the last time I tried was like in middle school). So wish my luck on that.

Twilight Eyes – Dean Koontz

Admittedly, I’m not actually super excited about this book. I only bought it because I wanted to give Koontz another chance, since the first (and only) book I’ve read of his infuriated me. I looked it up, and apparently this is his best work, so we will see.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – Ransom Riggs

So as you most know, I bought myself this book in March. Since then I have been wanting to read it, but I just haven’t been in the mood. Hopefully soon I’ll be inclined to pick it up.

(Be prepared A LOT of Stephen King is coming up)

The Shining – Stephen King

This is another that you all already know. I desperately want to reread this book, so that I can read Dr. Sleep and fully understand it. The only reason I haven’t already read this, is because I feel like this will REALLY be a time commitment. It is only 464 pages, but as anyone who have read King’s books know, sometimes his books start rather slow and are hard to get in to. Regardless, I will get to it eventually.

Dr. Sleep – Stephen King

So this book is, obviously, next. I tried to read this once, and really enjoyed, but felt I wasn’t getting the most out of it because I couldn’t remember anything that happened in The Shining. So, I’m going to read this after reading The Shining.

Dark Towers IV: Wizard and Glass – Stephen King

Of course, the next Dark Towers book. I am rather worried about reading two series at the same time, but I refuse to put off the Dark Towers while I try to read the Inheritance series.

Dark Towers V: Wolves of the Calla – Stephen King (?)

The question mark is because I don’t want to spend the entire summer reading Stephen King. The next three books will be maybes, but I own them, and will read them eventually.

The Regulators – Richard Bachman (Stephen King) ((?))


I got this book in March to add to my Stephen King, first edition covers, and the reason I want to read this book so bad, is because I THINK it ties in with another book I recently got my hands on…

Desperation – Stephen King (?)

…and it is this one.


Stephen King is SO COOL Y’ALL!

The next few books are some that I don’t have my hands on yet, but I really want to read them, so if I did, then it would be on my TBR.

It Gets Worse – Shane Dawson

It Gets Worse: A Collection of Essays

Fun fact: I love Shane Dawson, and I want to support him. He is so funny, and I have heard this book gets pretty deep.

A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy – Sue Klebold

I have talked about this book SO MUCH recently. Basically it is a nonfiction by the mother of one of the Columbine shooters. It sounds super interesting.

Monkey Mind : A Memoir of Anxiety – Daniel Smith

Again, I’ve talked about this a ton and the title pretty much says it all.

Batman and Psychology: A Dark and Stormy Night – Travis Langley

Are you seeing pattern here? I have talked about this at least 3 times since I’ve started this blog.

A Sarah Dessen book –

I used to LOVE Sarah Dessen, and I’ve just really been in the mood for her again, so I’ll probably pick something of hers up soon. I would appreciate some recommendations, so what are your favorite Dessen books?

 A Colleen Hoover book –

I have never read her, but her books sound like something I would really like. Again, give me some recommendations, pretty please.

A Rainbow Rowell book –

This is the same situation as Colleen Hoover. So AGAIN, recommendations?



And that’s about it. This is a long post, so if you made it to the end, thanks for going on this journey with me. Please give me some recommendations (even if it’s not Dessen, Hoover, or Rowell).




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11 thoughts on “My Summer TBR

  1. I wasn’t a huge fan of the Civil War comic, hopefully you’ll enjoy it more than I did. The movie seems like it’s going to be amazing though from what I’ve heard. I’m dying to see it! I loved Wytches and Miss Peregrine’s, hopefully you’ll enjoy those too. I really, really need to read a Stephen King book this year! I’m determined to make it happen, haha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Cujo and Carrie are good starting points with King. Also the Mist is another that is really great (and not forever long)


      1. The Regulators is definitely one of my faves. King’s books all subtly tie together. The two Stephen King/Peter Straub books link back to these 2 also, if my memory serves me right 😉

        Liked by 1 person

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