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Exploring BookTube


Ok so I’m not going to lie, I am super addicted to YouTube. Like I watch A LOT of YouTube. Before I started my blog, I had no idea there was a bookish community anywhere, much less on YouTube, and I am SO excited that it is a thing.

I already loved watching movie reviews, because I love seeing others’ opinions of things I love, so watching book reviews is even better, because books > movies (not even mad about it).

Anyway, enough backstory, I want to talk about some things I have found while exploring BookTube, including some BookTubers who I love and some things I like and don’t like as much.

BookTubers I Love (in no particular order):

View from the Bar

The first BookTuber I came across was View from the Bar and he is doing something VERY close to my heart. It is a series called “Kingly Endeavors” in which he reads EVERY STEPHEN KING BOOK IN ORDER OF PUBLICATION. Now I don’t know if I am just neurotic or normal, but this series is a really huge deal to me, because I had never heard someone talk so deeply about King’s writings before. I have always seen the intricacies in King’s work, but hearing it vocalized from someone who is not me, might have touched my soul. I don’t know. It means a lot to me.


This was another of the original BookTubers that I started watching. She has a really nicely put together channel and you can tell she puts a lot of effort into her videos. She has a really nice rating system, and reads a really diverse selection of books, which I really love.

Hails Hearts NYC

She is a college student, who is studying English, which I love, because I can relate with her college struggles, but I also feel like I’m getting an “educated” opinion. She has a really nice personality, and I also appreciate the quality of her videos.


I just recently found her channel, but I love her videos and her energy. She is really into fantasy books, which I honestly can’t really relate with, but I still love to hear her perspective.


Last, but not least, readbyzoe. Again she is a college student, who I can really relate to. Whenever I started watching her videos (not too long ago), she was doing Camp NANOWRIMO, which means she is trying to write a novel and I love that I can relate with her about writing too. On top of all of this, she is more into Contemporary books, which I really love. (Also she made me want to reread the Series of Unfortunate Events.)

My Thoughts on BookTube:

I considered just making this part a Thoughts on Thursdays, but I really wanted to do a more formal (and longer) post than I would usually for Thursdays. Anyway here are a few things I like and dislike about BookTube.

My main gripe is that everyone is reading the same books. I understand why, but I really want to hear opinions on books that aren’t all brand new YA fantasy.

My favorite thing is very similar to my favorite thing about blogging, the community. Hearing others’ opinions of books, whether it be of my favorite author’s books or something I have little to know interest in reading, is really refreshing to me. The bookish community is such a positive place and I feel so thankful for all of it, and mostly all of you.

Thank you all, for reading, and also for being awesome.





Just a college student with an unnatural love for books and too many thoughts to keep to herself.

6 thoughts on “Exploring BookTube

  1. Booktube is a phenomenon that I have managed to avoid for some reason. I don’t have the energy to blog, do Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites and also follow you Booktubers! Hah. It does sound like I’d like it though. I’ll watch a few of their videos and see if it’s for me.

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    1. Cool! I’m not really in to any other social media sites other than this so I have lots of free time to waste on YouTube.


  2. I love Sasha and Zoe! Hailey is great too 😊 I also watched and really enjoyed a few of View from the Bar’s videos because I loved the concept of what he was doing. I’m not familiar with BooksandLala so I’ll definitely have to check her out!

    I didn’t even know BookTube was a thing until I started blogging, haha. I’ve become seriously obsessed with it 😂 I know what you mean about there being a lot of the same books talked about though.

    Not sure if you know of them already but Joce @ squibblesreads, Lisa @ ChapterStackss and Jean’s Bookish Thoughts all talk about a wide range of books and rarely mention YA. Lisa and especially Joce read thrillers/horrors and Jean is into classic and modern literature and she’s really helped me want to read out of my comfort zone!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg thanks so much! I will definitely check them out ASAP! I don’t think I’ve heard of any of them before 🙂


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