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I found a website that I am SO excited about, and have never even heard of before. It is called Whichbook

Let me give you the lowdown.

On whichbook, they give you THIS :

Now let me explain. Do you want to read something hilarious? Then you select the “Funny <-> Serious” tab and move an arrow to just how funny you want your book to be.

You are allowed to pick four categories at a time, to tailor make your next read to EXACTLY what you want.

Still aren’t convinced? Ok, I’ll give you an example.


I put in, “A little unpredictable, a little disgusting, midway larger than life and down to earth, and definitely funny” and got this as my top suggestion.

Kafka on the Shore9392.jpg

by Haruki Murakami

This book is for readers who are happy to give their authors plenty of poetic license and for whom talking cats and villages that disappear into magical forests are perfectly normal literary events. Once you go with the flow, you will want Nakata to find the mythical entrance stone and Kafka to find his mother. But be warned – like all magic there is a dark side to this novel.
Does that not sound amazing? I literally already added it to my amazon wish list. They obviously don’t just give you one suggestion, there were actually about 11 pages of results for this one grouping of criteria.
Is that not specific enough for you? HAVE NO FEAR!
If you have a preference you can set the race, age, sexuality, or gender. You can decide the intricacies of the plot, like if you want it to have a lot of twists and turns, you can check that off. You can also pick the setting, whether it be a country, or an imaginary place.
I know this is a short post, but I’m SO excited about this find and I hope you are too!


Just a college student with an unnatural love for books and too many thoughts to keep to herself.

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  1. Great site! I tried it also with serious, violent, no sex and very unpredictable. I got a book called The Vanishing and Legend of a Suicide first. Perhaps they wouldn’t be my first choice but I’m sure I’ll find some titles in the whole list. Thanks for the tip!

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  2. Sometimes I have no idea what I want to read, and I wish I could search all the fun books out there to shift my mood. Would you mind if I add this post to my 10 Things I Like About Your Blog feature? This is a great post everyone should read. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. This website is hands down amazing! Exactly what I need! Such an accurate description of Murakami’s book too haha. Thank you for sharing the link 😀

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