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Waterproof Book Cover DIY

Ok , so it’s summer and that means I’m going to be swimming, and tanning A LOT. The only problem I have, when tanning, is that I get so bored. What better to fill my time than reading, right? I have always wanted to read on a pool float, like I read in Avalon High – Meg Cabot (do y’all remember than book? Because I loved it!), but have been terrified of getting water damage on my book covers. So like anyone else, I googled waterproof book covers, but all the results were either of book covers I should buy (but that wasn’t an option because I spent all my money at Half Price Books, see that haul here) or permanent fixes, which I’m not willing to do. I was pretty disappointed, but I refused to be defeated, so I made my own. I must say, I’m really proud and excited to say that it worked swimmingly  (buh dum tsss), and am going to walk you through the simple and cheap way to waterproof your book cover.

What you will need:IMG_2710 (1)

  • A book (it works better on hard
    back, but is still functional on paperback).
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A large sandwich bag.



Step 1 – Cutting :





Take your scissors, and cut along the resealable edge, of the bag.



Step 2 – More Cutting:




With your scissors, still in hand, cut along the sides of the bag, leaving only the bottom still in tact.






Step 3 – Prepping your bag:IMG_2714


Open your bag, so that it looks much like an open book.

If your book is hardback, go ahead and take off your dust jacket now



Step 4 – Fitting and taping the cover:




Place your book in the middle of the bag and wrap it around one of the covers (whichever you choose first, doesn’t matter). Fit it so that you leave enough bag for the other cover, and can also close the book. Tape this side down.

Then wrap the rest of the bag around the second cover. My tip would be to pick up the cover when fitting this, like in the picture, so that you know you will be able to close the book after taping it down.



Step 5 – Trimming:



Unless you’ve got a huge book, the bag is going to be too long. Go ahead and cut the edges shorter so that it doesn’t look tacky.



Step 6 – Admire :


Your finished project should look something like this!





I should warn you, this obviously doesn’t waterproof your entire book, but you don’t have to be as careful when reading in/ by the pool or even in the bathtub, if you’re so inclined.

I hope you enjoyed this and please tell me if you try this out! I’m so excited to share safe reading practices.










Just a college student with an unnatural love for books and too many thoughts to keep to herself.

7 thoughts on “Waterproof Book Cover DIY

    1. I wouldn’t dare put my book near anyone else in a pool, but I like to get on a float and read. It’s also a good trick for bathtub reading, if that’s your thing.
      I guess I am just brave about getting my books near water. πŸ™‚

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