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Captain America VS Batman v. Superman

Since seeing Captain America – Civil War, I have had something on my mind. The basic plots of Civil War and Batman v. Superman are pretty similar. Although there are different (or no) motives, two superheroes disagree about something and ultimately fight over it.

Now I know I said that I actually liked BvS more than the average viewer (see my thoughts on it here) and I still stand by that, but I realize it had a its fair share of issues. As most movies go, you start to realize the problems the more distance you have from the first viewing.

I originally said that BvS was too crowded for its own good, but Civil War had even more characters, so shouldn’t it have been even more crowded? Well I believe it wasn’t for two reasons. In Civil War, we already knew most of the main characters. Other than Spiderman and Black Panther, each hero had at least one movie to build their character.

In BvS this was only the case for Superman (and Lois but we don’t talk about her), they had to introduce Batman (and everyone associated with him), Wonderwoman, AND Lex Luthor. No one could balance that, not even the most talented movie crew.

So basically I’ve come to the conclusion that I think that BvS failed at their characters. From Batman and Superman who just weren’t fleshed out enough to Lex who was just wasn’t the Lex we know and love.
Do you agree with me? Did you like BvS and Civil War? I would love to know!



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3 thoughts on “Captain America VS Batman v. Superman

  1. I TOTALLY agree with you. The script failed the actors big time. Lois was a waste, and they were never given enough time to complete a character arc. This was abundant in Civil War. I love talking about super hero films!

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    1. I hope they fix this in the future movies, because I will be really upset if they butcher the Justice League. I love talking super heroes too!

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