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16. Three Worlds Collide – Eliezer Yudkowsky REVIEW

I picked up this novella, written by a philosopher, on a whim. Did I like it? Let’s find out!

(This doesn’t actually have a cover so here is Marvin the Martian)

PG-13 (Some language) : ~100 pages

Three Worlds Collide is a story I wrote to illustrate some points on naturalistic metaethics and diverse other issues of rational conduct. It grew, as such things do, into a small novella. On publication, it proved widely popular and widely criticized. Be warned that the story, as it wrote itself, ended up containing some profanity and PG-13 content.

The Good:

This inspires serious thought about ethics and if our world has chosen the right path for itself.

  • This has an interesting view of aliens. You get your “classic” alien fix, but also a new view of aliens as well.
  • Without the philosophical content, this is still a good science fiction story. I mention this because even though I rave about how thought provoking it is, I don’t want to mislead you to think it is a boring read.

The Bad:

  • Don’t go into this book expecting action. You will not see any space battles in this. Just lots of conversations.
  • This can also become a little confusing. It does take some brain power to read.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading this novella and loved the thinking it encouraged me to do after.

  • Characters – 4/5 (Not the most compelling.)
  • Plot               – 3/5 (Basic alien story)
  • Writing        – 4/5 (It’s not written by a professional author and it shows sometimes.)
  • Unique          – 5/5 (So thought provoking!)

Overall I give this 4 Babyeaters out of 5.


Have you read this? What did you think of it? I would love to know!



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