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2017 Reading/Blogging Goals

Ok so it’s finally 2017! Hooray! With 2017 comes some inevitable New Years Resolutions ( I know they never work, but I’m hopeful). So here are my reading/blogging goals for 2017

Read 30 Books!

I told myself at the beginning of last year that if I reached my goal of 25 books, I would bump it up 5 books. This should be an ongoing goal, as I complete a reading goal, I will bump the next year up 5 more. I feel pretty confidently about completing this goal, because I didn’t start my reading challenge until March and had a HUGE reading slump during the middle of the year, and still completed my 25 book goal. So best of luck to me for this.



I spend WAY too much money on books, and since I am moving into my first apartment  I desperately need to budget myself. I have told myself that I can buy ONE book a month! That may sound impossible, but I’m hoping to keep up with this. I’m also hoping to start using book depository to buy books, because I’ve recently discovered it and wow some of those deals are CRAZY!

Using The Library!

This goes along with my previous goal, because if I’m not buying books, I’ll have to get them somewhere else. I used to be a huge fan of using the library, but since I’ve been in college, I haven’t checked out the library. I’m really excited about checking out the library, as soon as I get back in town!


Posting AT LEAST Once A Week!

My unofficial goal is actually twice a week, because college is crazy. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed later in the year, so I’m setting the goal lower for my own sanity! Hopefully I will make a schedule later on, to accommodate my school and work, but that will have to wait.


Reading More ARCs!

I’ve just been introduced to the wonderful world of ARCs and I’m so excited. So far, I have a ton lined up for my e-reader and one in the mail (!!!). I just would like to really explore ARCs and hopefully find my niche with them soon!


That is all I can think of right now, but I’m sure there are so many more! What are your reading or blogging goals? I would love to know (and maybe copy yours)!


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Check out my last post on my review of My Life in Dog Years – Gary Paulsen HERE!





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17 thoughts on “2017 Reading/Blogging Goals

  1. Good luck with your resolutions!
    Regarding not buying more books, what I do is to fill a jar with one euro (or dollar, depending on where you live!) for every book I read, and I let myself buy books at the end of the year only with that money. The more I read, the more I can buy, so it’s a win-win lol.
    And post once a week is a lot when you have to study a degree, so good luck! And if you can’t, remember that passing your exams is far more important!.
    Happy new year!

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  2. Think positively, I’m sure you CAN and WILL achieve your goals! One book a month is brave- good courage (because you don’t need luck) ! Where are you getting ARCs- just curious 🙂 I think it’s a great idea to bump up your reading challenge by 5 if you achieve it. I wish I could do that, but going into exam years this year that probably isn’t the best idea 😀 Have strong will power (because you still don’t need luck)!

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      1. Oh for sure! I love getting to review less high-profile books as you get to spread some really good lesser known/indie books! If you like YA (I don’t know if you do) you could look up YA Bound Book Tours- they host book tours and also offer some review copies!

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