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Letting Go – Maria Thompson Corley || Book REVIEW

I was sent this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. This did not affect my thoughts or this review! Letting Go is a slow burning romance and I haven’t read one of those in awhile. Did I enjoy it? Let’s find out!


Even though she lives hundreds of miles away, when Langston, who dreams of being a chef, meets Cecile, a Juilliard-trained pianist, he is sure that his history of being a sidekick, instead of a love interest, is finally over. Their connection is real and full of potential for a deeper bond, but the obstacles between them turn out to be greater than distance. Can these busy, complicated people be ready for each other at the same time? Does it even matter? Before they can answer these questions, each must do battle with the ultimate demon-fear.

Told in a witty combination of standard prose, letters, emails, and diary entries, LETTING GO is a long-distance love story that also examines race, religion, and the difficult choices we make following our passions. From the Great White North to the streets of New York City to the beaches of Bermuda, LETTING GO is a journey of longing, betrayal, self-discovery and hope you will never forget.

Rated – PG-13 (Some language and sexual scenes.)

Publication date – July 4, 2016

Length – 500 pages


The Good:

  • The best part of this book was the characters and dialogue. It really felt like I was witnessing actual conversations that happened. One of my biggest pet peeves, when reading, is unrealistic dialogue, so I was very pleased.
  • Although the story was rather deep, I think at it’s core, it was a story of love and growth. I’m so glad to say that this is one of the most realistic stories I’ve ever read! As a college student, the parts when we followed our main characters through their college careers were definitely so interesting to me.
  • This book begins when our main characters are just about to go into college and ends when they are like forty years old so you REALLY see the character growth. I so enjoyed the long time frame.
  • The characters had MOTIVES! What? Unheard of! If a character hates men, you understand why she hates men. If a character pushes other characters away, it makes sense. It was refreshing.
  • This book was a lot more diverse than what I usually read (seriously I need to work on that). It is predominantly about African Americans and Black Canadians (is that the correct term? Tell me if not…) who are very in tune with their roots. I can’t exactly remember their heritage but I remember one character has Bermudian roots.

The Bad:

  • Sometimes I felt this book dragged sometimes, but not nearly as much as other books with 500 pages. Basically, this book just felt like 500 pages and I wish it would have been a “quicker read”.



  • STORY – 4.5/5 (A very realistic story about growth and love.)
  • CHARACTERS – 5/5 (The best part of this book! They were all distinct have had realistic motives and dialogue.)
  • WRITING – 4.5/5 (Everything was so realistic. This author has a talent for creating compelling and realistic characters, dialogues, and situations.)
  • UNIQUENESS – 4.5/5 (I haven’t read a book quite like this. It was entertaining and enlightening. Also the diversity was eye opening to me.)




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5 thoughts on “Letting Go – Maria Thompson Corley || Book REVIEW

  1. Great review!! (I also agree with your set up- it was clear & concise!). Characterization is my pet peeve about books! If the characters are good, the book is likely to be good. Don’t write a great plot with crappy characters. I may have to check this book out!

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