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My Music This Month || FEBRUARY

Oh boy I’m doing this again! I wrote a post like this almost half a year ago, and had a really good time with it, but then I took a hiatus from the blog and forgot all about it.

I was reminded of it because I listened to A LOT music this month and thought, lets revive it, shall we?

21 Pilots

Ok so I went through a HUGE 21 Pilots phase this month, and had to actually cut out a lot of the songs I listened to on repeat, so that it wasn’t all about them this month.

Song(s) included –

  • Migraine
  • House of Gold
  • Heavydirtysoul
  • We Don’t Believe What’s On TV

Melanie Martinez

I LOVE Melanie Martinez, but only one of her songs is included this month. It is an AWESOME remix of Carousel.

Song included –

  • Carousel – Bleep Bloop Remix

Kanye West

So Kanye doesn’t make music in the genre I like, but the song I chose of his is GREAT for when I’m running. It’s got a heavy base line and keep me going.

Song included –

  • Fade

The Chainsmokers

I haven’t always been the hugest fan of The Chainsmokers, but recently their music has really been appealing to me.

Song(s) included –

  • Something Just Like Us ft. Coldplay
  • Paris

Ed Sheeran

Ed is my jam and I love him, that’s all.

Song included –

  • Shape of You

Cast of La La Land

I saw this movie and actually wanted to make a video about how much I loved it, but never got around to it. But since I found the soundtrack on Spotify, you better believe it’s been on repeat.

Song(s) included –

  • Someone In The Crowd
  • City Of Stars

Imagine Dragons


Song include –

  • Believer

Jon Bellion

I’ve actually never heard of this guy before, but when I heard this song, I thought it was 21 Pilots. It’s SO up my alley and I’m excited to hear more from him!

Song included –

  • All Time Low

Dr. Dog

When I saw Dr. Dog had out a new album, I literally screamed. So I included the new song (which I LOVE) and my favorite song of theirs.

Song(s) included –

  • Ladada
  • Heart It Races

Panic! At The Disco

What is a list of music, without my babe Brendon Urie? Seriously, if Panic isn’t included…PANIC! (hahah) Anyway, I love Death Of A Bachelor because it feels almost theatrical and its just something a little different than what I’ve been listening to (except the actual theatrical stuff fro La La Land).

Song included –

  • Death Of A Bachelor


And that’s all my favorite music from this month!

Tell me what your current favorite song(s) is! I really want to know.


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