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Almost every book blogger is aware of Netgalley. You know, the awesome site that has THOUSANDS of FREE books for us to read and review. In theory it sounds like the perfect place for book lovers and reviewers, but for me it’s not heaven.


So, on Netgalley each reviewer gets a percentage. This percentage is based on how many books you have reviewed. It it recommended that you have an 80% review rate.

Unfortunately, I was not aware of this when I originally signed up for the website. So immediately I requested TONS of free books. Like they’re FREE what else would I do? Then I realized the percentage. So I basically started off on the wrong foot.

Since this, many of the books I originally requested have expired and I’m stuck at a 18% feedback ratio.

Also, almost every book I have read from there I actually DNF’d and I feel like lowers my credibility even more.

For someone who does not suffer from anxiety, this may not seem like a huge deal but the idea of having a bad reputation out for everyone to see makes me nauseous. I really want to reconcile my ratio and also would love to get the most out of Netgalley, but I’m just so overwhelmed with the looming threat of having a bad rep.

How do you feel about Netgalley? Does it stress you out? I’d love to know.

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18 thoughts on “NETGALLEY STRESSES ME OUT || Discussion

  1. I stress about it some and am trying to get my number up. I’m at 63%…
    I send every book to my kindle immediately so even if they expire I can still review them and get them off my list. I was having a problem with DNFs from there so I started looking the books or authors up on GoodReads before requesting so I can be pretty sure its a good fit. Its gotten better since I starting doing that…. Now to just finally read the books that have been hanging out since last year 😂

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  2. Even I get really stressed by my numbers in NetGalley and it adds extra pressure to finish the book and review it. I was also unaware of the archive concept and lost out on few books. So, now I always read the one with the nearest archive date first.
    Another surprise was the expiry of the NetGalley copy. Some books refused to open up in my reader after the copy expired . I am in the process of learning now.
    Wishing you best to bring up your numbers.

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  3. I did the same thing when I joined, like you, not realising the %. So now I am frantically trying to catch up. But I have stopped with the pressure. I know going forward not to request more till I get through these shelves. We will get there, one adventure at a time.

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  4. I download them (epub) immediately onto my computer after I’ve received an approval. I only request a book that I really want to read too. I think we’ve all been a little too enthusiastic in the beginning so all you can do is work your way up. I have 3 unread books because I couldn’t figure out how I could download and read at first and then I came back 2 years later (before blogging). Don’t go too much on Netgalley is my advice because you ALWAYS end up clicking. I have only 2 books pending for the moment so don’t give up hope for your ratio!

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  5. I did the exact same thing when I first signed up with Netgalley and requested like every book ever 😂 I totally get you about the stress and anxiety though. I always feel so much pressure when I have review copies! I’ve gotten better, but sometimes I’ll still request books when I know I shouldn’t because I have ZERO self control.

    When I get approved I immediately download the file to my Kindle if that option is available because you can still access it even after its expired. This might be helpful too: Also, if you’ve DNFd then I’d still send feedback even using the ‘note to publisher’ section and say it wasn’t for you – that way it won’t make your ratio go down.

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  6. You can go back and review books you received way back. I love Netgalley but like yourself when I first started I wasn’t aware of the rules. But once I got my footing I realised less is more so to speak. My ratio is now at 95% and I try and keep it within the 90% range.

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