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Music This Month : APRIL

So this month has a pretty small playlist not because I didn’t listen to music, but because I listened to the same songs on repeat. This is probably my favorite month for music so far!

Jess Rose

My friend sent me this song because it’s hella relatable (if you forget that it may or may not be about a stripper). At first I made fun of it, but it’s been in my head ever since so I had to include it!

Song Included –

  • Chocolate – ft Troze


Lana Del Rey

The star of this month! I listened to her new song over and over again! So much that my boyfriend has opted to stop listening to music with me, for the time being. It’s classic Lana and I love it SO MUCH

Song Included –

  • Lust for life – ft. The Weeknd



I love that Blink-182 is putting out new music right now. I’ve yet to listen to a song on their new album that I don’t like!

Song Included-

  • Misery


The Chainsmokers

This is the year of The Chainsmokers, for me. I think they have been on my list every month this year. This one may not be my favorite of theirs, but I’ve been listening to it A TON!

Song Included –

  • The One


And that is actually it! What was your favorite song this month? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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