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We Came Back – Patrick Lacey || Gore and More Book REVIEW

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This was the Gore and More  pick of the month and as we know I haven’t had the best luck with, in the last few months. Did I enjoy this one more? Let’s find out!


“WE CAME BACK is an emotional trip through our darkest fears. One of the best books I’ve read in years.”–Kristopher Rufty, author of SOMETHING VIOLENT and DESOLATION.

Growing up dead.

Melvin Brown sees things that aren’t there. Monsters with tentacles and razor-sharp teeth. Ever the social outcast, he is bullied to the point of suicide. And his hatred of those who did him wrong does not die with him.

One decade after Melvin’s death, something strange is happening to Lynnwood High School’s smartest and most popular students. They begin to act out and spend time at the former high school, now abandoned and said to be haunted. And their numbers grow at an alarming rate.

Is this just a passing fad or are the rumors true? Does Lynnwood really have a teenage cult on their hands? — Goodreads

Rating – R (Gore, Intense scene, Some sex, TRIGGER WARNING – SUICIDE)

Length – 366 pages

Publication Date – 4 / 15 / 17

The Good :

  • I felt like the characters were really realistic. I felt like everyone acted like ACTUAL PEOPLE! It also impressed me that we got an array perspectives from many different age groups. Some were from the perspectives of 17 year olds, some were from the perspectives of teachers (will talk about this later), and we even got the perspective of the monster.
  • Speaking of the teachers, I really liked how they were handled. I feel like in most books teachers are a role model or are complete jerks but in this case the teachers were actual people, if you can believe it.
  • I felt like everything actually made sense, in this book. A lot of times, in horror novels, I feel like the actions the characters take are not what people actually do, but what would help the plot along. In this, I never doubted that the characters’ actions were authentic.
  • The climax was really rewarding and surprising and I’m so glad it pleased me, because a bad climax will RUIN a book.

The Meh :

  • The writing was not bad…it just wasn’t great. Although it didn’t really bother me as I was reading, I try to review critically and I can’t just ignore this.

The Bad :

  • It pains me to say this, but I really felt like I’d seen this monster before. There were certain things that made him unique, but I literally read a book about tentacle monsters last month. I’m just tired of the premise I guess.

  • STORY – 4/5 (I was really surprised by how smoothly everything ran since the last few horror novels I read weren’t as great. I loved how everything the characters did made sense and it didn’t feel like their actions were just there to move along the plot. The monster was scary and so were his “minions”)
  • CHARACTERS – 4.5/5 (Every character felt realistic not matter what their age or situation. I really like the teacher perspective as well. You don’t usually see a teacher in a book who isn’t a jerk or a role model for another character. In this book they’re just normal people.)
  • WRITING – 4/5 (It wasn’t spectacular but it’s definitely not bad.)
  • UNIQUENESS – 4/5 ( I felt like I’d seen the monster before but in terms of how everything wrapped up, it was completely new and interesting to me.)


Have you read this? What did you think about it? What are your opinions on tentacle monsters?

Thanks for reading!


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