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Dark Matter – Black Crouch || REVIEW

So I heard a lot of great things about this book, about a year ago, and also haven’t read Sci-Fy in a long time. So did I enjoy it? Let’s find out!


“Are you happy with your life?”

Those are the last words Jason Dessen hears before the masked abductor knocks him unconscious.

Before he awakens to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers in hazmat suits.

Before a man Jason’s never met smiles down at him and says, “Welcome back, my friend.”

In this world he’s woken up to, Jason’s life is not the one he knows. His wife is not his wife. His son was never born. And Jason is not an ordinary college physics professor, but a celebrated genius who has achieved something remarkable. Something impossible.

Is it this world or the other that’s the dream? And even if the home he remembers is real, how can Jason possibly make it back to the family he loves? The answers lie in a journey more wondrous and horrifying than anything he could’ve imagined—one that will force him to confront the darkest parts of himself even as he battles a terrifying, seemingly unbeatable foe.

From the author of the bestselling Wayward Pines trilogy, Dark Matter is a brilliantly plotted tale that is at once sweeping and intimate, mind-bendingly strange and profoundly human—a relentlessly surprising science-fiction thriller about choices, paths not taken, and how far we’ll go to claim the lives we dream of.

Rating – PG13 (Some intense scenes)

Length – 342 pages

Publication Date – 7 / 26 / 16

The Good :

  • It was a good premise. I was really intrigued by the synopsis and first 30 pages, but then……


The Meh :

  • Honestly everything about this book was just meh. I actually had a hard time getting myself to write this review because I don’t even have anything to say about it.
  • The characters were so bland, and this book really depended on you caring about them. The main character was just boring, his family was just a standard “care about me” book family, and there was another random chick and like why was she there?

The Bad :

  • This books plot was very centered on scientific theories, but the science was NEVER EXPLAINED! Tell me more please!! I’m still so annoyed about this.
  • The end was just…strange. They made me sympathetic for the “antagonists” to the point of not enjoying the outcome of the book.

  • STORY – 3.5/5 (I enjoyed it but there were so many plot holes)
  • CHARACTERS – 3/5 (OK)
  • WRITING – 3/5 (OK)
  • UNIQUENESS – 3.5/5 (I feel like I’ve heard this story before



So sorry that this review is short…I just really didn’t have anything to say. I was so disappointed by this book, honestly.

Thanks for reading!


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