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Why I’m NOT Seeing The Dark Tower Movie!!!

Hey guys, today’s post will be different from what I usually post, but I feel it’s necessary.

As many of you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Stephen King and also a fan of the Dark Tower series. Although I still have one book left to read, I think it’s a true masterpiece and any Stephen King fan NEEDS to read it.

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Before I heard they were adapting the Dark tower series, I had little to no interest in reading it. This is because I heard it was a Western/Fantasy hybrid  and neither of those genres really get me excited to read.

So the news of  a movie coming out was just the push I needed. I tried to get through all the books, in time for the movie (obviously that didn’t work out) while also reading other books, so my blog wouldn’t just be filled with Dark Tower reviews.

I fell IN LOVE with the books, and saw the movie potential immediately, but then I saw it all falling apart.

Almost a year ago, I wrote a post called I’m WORRIED about the Dark Tower movie (see here) Basically, I mentioned that it didn’t seem that the movie was following the book very faithfully. And BOY was I correct.

From the reviews I’ve seen and read, it really just seems like the studios wanted to make a “modern cowboy” movie, but knew if they didn’t have source material to base it off of, it would fail.  So what did they do? Plop our good friend Stephen’s name on the poster to get the hype.

The review that cemented the fact that I would not be seeing this movie was GoodBadFlick’s (click the link to his review. Seriously he’s a great reviewer.). He said, that it felt like a “young adult novel adapted to film”.

Now of course this isn’t always a bad thing, but what makes me so mad is that these books are so CLEARLY ADULT. So if it feels like a  young adult movie, then the concepts and feeling was completely lost.

Also, it is said the this is a melding of the first and last book in the series. A 90 minute movie trying to fit one of these books would have been a struggle but two? That’s too much. Not to mention, the introduction and conclusion.

So, due to all these reasons, I believe that this movie is a shameless cash grab off of Stephen King’s name. I want to support Stephen King, but I refuse to support the studios who think it is ok to butcher our favorite books and series.

So I will NOT be spending my money on this movie and I suggest if you want studios to get the hint, top do the same.

What do you think about this movie or book adaptations in general?

Thanks for reading!


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