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Why I’m NOT Seeing The Dark Tower Movie!!!

Hey guys, today’s post will be different from what I usually post, but I feel it’s necessary.

As many of you know, I’m a HUGE fan of Stephen King and also a fan of the Dark Tower series. Although I still have one book left to read, I think it’s a true masterpiece and any Stephen King fan NEEDS to read it.

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Before I heard they were adapting the Dark tower series, I had little to no interest in reading it. This is because I heard it was a Western/Fantasy hybrid  and neither of those genres really get me excited to read.

So the news of  a movie coming out was just the push I needed. I tried to get through all the books, in time for the movie (obviously that didn’t work out) while also reading other books, so my blog wouldn’t just be filled with Dark Tower reviews.

I fell IN LOVE with the books, and saw the movie potential immediately, but then I saw it all falling apart.

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Almost every book blogger is aware of Netgalley. You know, the awesome site that has THOUSANDS of FREE books for us to read and review. In theory it sounds like the perfect place for book lovers and reviewers, but for me it’s not heaven.


So, on Netgalley each reviewer gets a percentage. This percentage is based on how many books you have reviewed. It it recommended that you have an 80% review rate.

Unfortunately, I was not aware of this when I originally signed up for the website. So immediately I requested TONS of free books. Like they’re FREE what else would I do? Then I realized the percentage. So I basically started off on the wrong foot.

Since this, many of the books I originally requested have expired and I’m stuck at a 18% feedback ratio.

Also, almost every book I have read from there I actually DNF’d and I feel like lowers my credibility even more.

For someone who does not suffer from anxiety, this may not seem like a huge deal but the idea of having a bad reputation out for everyone to see makes me nauseous. I really want to reconcile my ratio and also would love to get the most out of Netgalley, but I’m just so overwhelmed with the looming threat of having a bad rep.

How do you feel about Netgalley? Does it stress you out? I’d love to know.

Thanks for reading!


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IT Teaser Trailer Reaction

So, as most of you know, IT – Stephen King is my all time favorite book. I also don’t really mind the original movie, so I really have high hopes for this movie. Needless to say, I was CRAZY excited when this teaser dropped, but I wasn’t as blown away as I hoped I would be.

So why don’t I love it? Let’s go through it step by step.

The trailer opens with the iconic scene of Georgie chasing his boat down the street, when it falls into the sewer. Here is where we see the first problem. When Penneywise arises from the sewers, there is loud, ominous music played behind it. I will get to why this is wrong later.

Next we see some set up shots, of Derry ,Ben in the library, and all of the gang in the sewers. They mention how they have all seen the clown and then we see the large dilapidated house. All of these scenes are fine, and I actually really enjoy the look of all the young actors and actress, in their roles.

The following scene, shows the kids looking at a projector, when it suddenly begins to change itself, revealing Penneywise in the picture. I can only assume this is like the photo album scene in the original movie and book, and honestly I don’t mind that they changed it up. I think it’s just as spooky, if not more.

Some rapidly edited shots show Eddie (I think) running, Henry Bowers (I THINK) coming across the iconic balloon (and Penneywise???), the Losers cornered by Penneywise (perhaps turning into Teen Wolf??), what appears to be Mike seeing people burning alive (which is mentioned in the book as well), Bev seeing the blood shoot from the drain (also from the book and movie), and a closer look at Penneywise.

Then the final scene, is the worst part of the entire trailer. We see Georgie talking to Bill in the sewers, saying “You’ll float too” I do believe this is in the book, but what Penneywise does next is so out of character, in my opinion. We see him charge at Bill.

Now here is where I explain the biggest issue I had with this trailer, it’s not IT. Penneywise is only one of IT’s many forms. IT is actually is a projection of what the kids most fear and Penneywise is a more charming form to lure the children in. So my issue is, why is he so dang scary.

In the first scene, Georgie should have felt comfortable enough with the clown to reach in and grab his boat from him. Would you grab a boat from this? Image result for it trailer 2017 sewers


I know I’m nitpicking, but it is my right as a fan. I think the biggest issue is actually the trailers music though. If, when Penneywise arose from the sewers there wasn’t a huge BOOM, would he be as scary? Nah. So hopefully, in the next trailer we see it without the unnecessary noises.

The final scene RUBBED ME THE WRONG WAY. One, it wasn’t scary. Two, it wasn’t necessary. Three, that’s not how Penneywise ACTS. But oh well…I guess we will just have to see that in the context of the movie.

There is a lot of attention to detail though, I saw a video showing the two movies back to back and it gave me some hope on top of little easter eggs like a missing poster for Patrick Hocskstetter, a villain from the book among other things. See side by side trailers HERE!

I am cautiously optimistic about this movie and I hope the movie is better than this trailer.

What did you think of this trailer? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading!


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I am WORRIED about The Dark Tower movie!!

If you haven’t heard, they are making a movie adaptation of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King, starring Idris Elba as Roland, Matthew McConaughey as the Man in Black, and Tom Taylor as Jake Chambers.

Generally movie adaptations of King’s books are not very good, and if they are good they aren’t faithful (see The Shining). Despite this, I have been really excited about this movie even though they have made some questionable casting choices, but I’ve looked into it some more and it isn’t looking good, y’all.

Here is the synopsis for the movie:

Jake, who is still reeling over the death of his hero dad, a first responder on 9/11 who succumbed to toxic exposure, has a series of terrifying and apocalyptic visions that have made him doubt his own sanity. But when Jake narrowly avoids being abducted by terrifying creatures in human form, he escapes into another world. In this strange new reality, Jake teams with weary and disillusioned hero, Roland Deschain, a knight-like warrior bent solely on avenging himself against his age-old nemesis.  — From Wikipedia

First problem, they MODERNIZED it, but that’s ok I’m flexible.

Second problem, they’ve changed Jake’s entire story, seriously it’s not just that it takes place in modern times, but everything is different.

Third, this is NOT how the first book in the series, at all. I’m not sure what their plan is for this movie but I’m not looking forward to it anymore.

One good thing I have found from my research are the pictures I have been able to find. McConaughey  looks amazing as the Man in Black and Jake is exactly as I’ve pictured. Even Elba as Roland is dressed right and looks the part. So hopefully I’m wrong to worry about the film because I desperately want it to turn out.


What are your thoughts on the Dark Tower movie? Have you read the Dark Tower series? I’d love to hear your feedback!

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Thoughts on Thursdays…FINALLY SUMMER!

Today I take my last two exams for the semester and finally get to go home! I’m so excited to have three months off (but I’m still taking summer courses and having a job) to rest and relax by the pool and READ! (So much reading will be done) 

Honestly this post has zero point but by the end of the night I’ll be in my own, comfy bed and that’s all that matters. 

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Thoughts on Thursdays | Writing

Much like any person, I have obviously grown in and out of interests. That’s just how life works. Two things I have always loved, and never really grew out of, was reading (obviously) and writing. It is actually one of my life goals to get a book published some day, but my writing is FAR from acceptable, as of now.

While I said that I have always loved writing, I often find myself wildly discouraged when trying to write, and usually just give up for a few months before I try again. Around December of 2015, I got insanely motivated to write more. This happened almost solely because I read On Writing – Stephen King. Now we all know that I LOVE King’s work, but it wasn’t until finished IT and read On Writing that I grew to really respect him as an author.

In On Writing King states that in order to be a great writer you must write and read every day. So, seeing that I desperately want to be a great writer I really want to be able to read and write every day, but I only have so much time and creativity.

In order to try to flex my writing abilities I try to write short stories whenever I have the ideas and inspiration, but I also try to use this blog. It was not the original idea, to use this blog to help me write, but writing words is writing words, am I right?

So I basically, I rambled on forever about writing, and my question for y’all is, where is the best place to get short stories out in the world? It is rather disheartening spending months writing something, and then no one sees it.

Thanks for reading!

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Thoughts on Thursdays : Counseling/Therapy

This Thursday, I want to talk about something that may just be a little too personal, but it has really been on my mind.

I believe that mental illnesses are something to not be joked around about, and I may do another post all about this another time, but this week I want to focus on finding help by counseling and/or therapy.

I have recently started going to counseling, because I thought what could it hurt? And the answer to that question is…absolutely nothing! If anything it has only helped me through a rather hard time in my life.

I strongly suggest that if anyone is struggling to find nearby counseling service or, if that is something you can’t come by, at least find someone trustworthy who you could talk to about your feelings/life. I promise it will go a long way.


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Thoughts on Thursdays | Bad Days/Weeks

This is going to be a shorter post today, and I’m sorry for that, but I’m pretty busy and honestly don’t have that much to say.

Sometimes people have bad days, weeks, months, or even years. The only thing that gets me through these rough spots is the fact that it can only get better from here.

If you’ve had a bad time recently, just keep your head up and try to stay positive.

Again I’m sorry this post was so short, and I hope that by next week I will have a happier topic.

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New Name?

Hey guys, this is just a quick post because I wanted to warn y’all that I’m considering changing my blogs name. 

While I still love the current name, I’m starting to feel rather restricted by the fact that the words book and reviews are in the name, but I’m interested in venturing into other territories like movies (and maybe some other things). 

My current idea is CoffeehouseChatter because I LOVE the coffeehouse atmosphere and it leaves the door open for me to literally talk about anything on here. 

Tell me what y’all think and if you have any ideas please shoot them my way! I’m sure y’all are better at creative names than I. 

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Thoughts on Thursdays : YA Novels

So, since about my junior year in high school I unofficially swore off YA novels. Why? I’m not 100% sure…

One factor that I believe contributed to this was the Divergent series. I LOVED the first and second Divergent books but the third one crushed my dreams. As we all know by now, I HATE when books end badly, but I hate even more when a series ends badly. I don’t think that one series should have ruined a whole genre for me, though. Especially since some of my favorite books ever are considered YA.

I honestly believe that I swore off the genre, because I thought I was “too old” or “mature” for it. It got to a point to where I wasn’t comfortable being in the YA section, in fear of being judged, because others might also think I am too old for this genre. I know that that is ridiculous now and I am currently doing my best to maybe integrating YA books back into my ever growing TBR list, because I know I am missing out on some really good reads.

So what did you think?  Have you ever gone through this before, or is it just me? I would really love to know.