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Music This Month : JUNE (Comedy Edition)

This month I didn’t listen to much music, wholly because I found myself in the mood to listen to and watch comedy. So, nearing the end of the month, I checked my playlist that I was going to make specifically for this post…and it was empty. What am I going to do? I figured it out, talk about the comedy I love and listen to. So, without further ado, the comedians I love (in no particular order).


Bo Burnham (explicit)


This is first because I JUST did a full discussion over his newest special, see it here. I mention him here, again, because I didn’t share any of his work in the other, and would like to. These are my personal favorites of his.

John Mulaney (explicit)



John Mulaney also has a newer special out that I would say has some of his best work on it. Unfortunately this special is not on Spotify as of now, so I can’t share it with you. But it is on Netflix, titled “The Comeback Kid”.





Jim Gaffigan


I’m sure many of you have heard of Jim. My favorite thing about him is that he is very clean with his shows.



That is it for this post, if you liked this I may do another showcase of some more of my favorites (there are so many!). Hopefully next month’s music post will be back to its normal format. Thanks for reading!