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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling REVIEW {Reread}

As stated in the title, this is a reread. This is my first reread of Harry Potter ever, I haven’t read it since I was in the fifth grade. That’s almost 10 years ago! I am rereading the books because I heard of Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality (Goodreads) , a rewrite of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone where Harry was raised around science and science fiction and how that affects his view of the wizarding world. I thought it sounded really interesting, so I’m looking forward to reading it and hopefully introducing everyone to an addition to a beloved series. So without further ado, did this book live up to my first read? Let’s find out!

Harry Potter’s life is miserable. His parents are dead and he’s stuck with his heartless relatives, who force him to live in a tiny closet under the stairs. But his fortune changes when he receives a letter that tells him the truth about himself: he’s a wizard. A mysterious visitor rescues him from his relatives and takes him to his new home, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…

Rated – G (Family Friendly!)

Publication date – June 26, 1997

Length – 320 pages

The Good:

  • What a magical book! Seriously, from the first page I was transported to the world and wasn’t ever taken out of it due to faulty writing, or inconsistencies. That is actually saying a lot because I’m easily distracted by errors, and often DNF due to them.
  • Even though I see many copy cats around nowadays, I see them as just that and appreciate the uniqueness of Harry Potter for its time.
  • This was a surprisingly quick and easy read. The main reason I never reread the series is because I remembered spending months reading each book and honestly I wasn’t up for that. However, I did not account for the fact that I was ten when I read these, and now that I’m older I FLEW through it. I actually had to stop reading it so I could make it last until the new year. It was a nice break since I usually read adult literature that is a little most intense.
  • Of course the characters were amazing. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are going to go down in history as some of the most iconic book (and movie) characters ever. They act and talk like actual eleven year old children and I always praise a book for well written children.
  • Voldemort (sorry You-Know-Who) was way scarier than I remembered! More than once I was actually scared for Harry and Hogwarts, even though I knew how it ended.

The Bad:

  • I felt like the final climax wasn’t intense enough. There were other scenes that I found myself more on the edge of my seat for, and I personally don’t think that’s how a book should be formatted. I just wanted so much more.
  • I wish the villains were more three dimensional . I know that the majority of them are just being set up for subsequent books, but it really bothers me when I see characters being evil for the sake of being evil.


  • Story – 4/5 (Very fun, but the climax was disappointing)
  • Characters – 4/5 (Heroes? Great! Villains? Meh.)
  • Writing – 4/5 (No errors jumped out at me, but nothing ground breaking.)
  • Uniqueness – 4/5 (For it’s time.)

All in all I give this 4 Boys Who Lived out of 5


Have you read the Harry Potter series? How many times? I would love to know!



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Top Ten Tuesday: 10 Books or Series I Want to Reread

I’m a huge fan of rereading books and lately it seems like my entire TBR is of rereads, so for this week I would share all the books or series that I want to reread.

Image result for the harry potter series books
1. Harry Potter Series – J.K. Rowling

Can you believe I’ve only read through this series ONCE? Me either! I have all of them on my kindle, I’m just waiting for the right moment to pick them up again.


2. The Shining – Stephen King

The last time I read The Shining, I was very young and I honestly didn’t like it much. I think I was just too young to understand it. I also desperately want to read Doctor Sleep, but as it is a sequel of The Shining, I need to brush up on my knowledge of the Overlook Hotel.

Image result for the series of unfortunate events

3. The Series Of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket

I actually wanted to read these before the new Netflix series came out, but now it looks like that won’t happen. Even still, I want to pick them up.


Image result for little women
4. Little Women – Louisa May Alcott

I read this book a LONG time ago and it is still one of the only “classics” that I legitimately enjoyed. I would love to have an older perspective on the whole book.


Related image

5. The Warriors Series – Erin Hunter

This is the series that I have the most fond memories of as a child, but I never hear anyone else talking about them. I have also heard that they’re making a movie out of them, so now rereading is a MUST!


Image result for stephen king on writing

6. Stephen King: On Writing – Stephen King

As an aspiring writer, this is one of the most inspiring books I’ve every read, so a reread wouldn’t hurt.


Image result for alice's adventures in wonderland and through the looking glass
7. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass – Lewis Carroll

This is another book I read and loved when I was young, but I feel like I would have a better understanding of if I read it today.

Image result for IT book

8. IT – Stephen King

Its my all time favorite book. What can I say? I can’t get enough!


Image result for gone with the wind book9. Gone with the Wind – Margaret Mitchell

This is another classic that I read when I was young. It had a lasting impact on me and the way I viewed history, and I think it’s time I read it again.


Image result for goosebumps series

10. Goosebumps Series – R.L. Stine

This is the series of books that got me not only into horror, but into reading! I think it’s time I paid it a revisit, for old times sake.




That’s all ten! It’s a huge list, but it will all come together soon! What are some books you want to reread?



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Top Ten Tuesday -Christmas Wish Lists!

This is my first adventure into the Top Ten Tuesday life, but I liked the topic so much that I just HAD to input on it.

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted over @ The Broke and the Bookish and each week there’s a different theme that we get to make a list about featuring ten related books. It’s so much fun and the topics are always great! It’s also a fabulous way to learn more about people’s reading adventures and I recommend heading over to the official page to do some exploring through the link up.


THE TOPIC FOR THIS WEEK IS – Ten Books I Wouldn’t Mind Santa Leaving Under My Tree (or non-book bookworm items)

If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m a HUGE book collector so I have no issue filling a list of 1o bookish items for Christmas!

Image result for book shelf 5 shelf1. A LARGER BOOKSHELF

Oh my goodness. I have had the same TINY bookshelf since I was a toddler and now I’m just growing out of it. This is a Christmas wish that will almost definitely come true, since I am moving into my FIRST APARTMENT very soon.



I’m putting these into a grouped category because if I didn’t they would take up the entire list. Here are just a few that are ranked highly on my wish lists : ((Links to these lead to their Amazon page.))



I mentioned earlier that I am a huge collector of books, and I am collecting many different sets of books right now (many of which are included in the box sets above), but my main collection is of Stephen King’s many works. This just began with the collection of his first edition covers in hardback, but then a new paperback collection came out that I’m also invested in. paavpdqsbtggtmn4smxscxux3pv7f2hkwmyeaeqj



Ok, maybe I’m cheating a little, but I have a kindle and so with the gift cards I could definitely buy some books I’ve been wanting for awhile.



I’ve had my eye on this Kindle case for awhile now, but for some reason refuse to buy it for myself. I need this, though, because I bring my Kindle around everywhere and don’t want it to get all scratched.


Funko Pop! Movies, Pennywise


Literally anything to spice up my shelves. Bookends? Sure! Figurines? Have at it! Cups? Ok. Plants? Yeah, yeah, yeah!



Sure it’s cheesy, but I need people to know that I’d rather be reading than talking to them, more often than not.


8. THIS!

This is a poster that includes all of the Stephen King universe. So cool y’all. Here is the link to  the store page.

The Illustrated Stephen King Universe Flowchart


9. THIS!!!

Y’all. IT’s a NECKLACE that you can personalize with your favorite BOOK COVER! I don’t even know what I would choose but I WANT IT! Here is the link to the story page.

Custom book jewelry Custom book necklace Book charm Custom book pendant Personalized gift for reader Bookish gift Book lover gift Mini books



I just love books y’all. I would love to get any book, so I could add to my ever growing collection. Here are a few books in particular I want to read. – ((Links to Goodreads))


That’s all 10!

Ok so maybe I cheated a little but at least I’m honest right? What books or bookish items do YOU want under your tree?



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Winter Break TBR

With school on hiatus, I can finally catch up on my reading again. I literally only read one book for class this whole semester, so I am still working toward my goal of reading 25 books before the end of the year (5 to go!!!).  I hope to finish my goal, and start my 2017 goal during this break, although I don’t know what it is yet. So without further ado, my projected TBR for my winter holidays.

Currently Reading – The Dark Tower: Wolves of Calla – Stephen King Image result for wolves of calla

Could you even be surprised I broke my reading slump with Stephen King? I’m about 38% through this book according to my beloved Kindle, and I’m loving it! Another great step for the series!



Image result for harry potter and the sorcerer's stone bookHarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – J.K. Rowling

Oh yes, I am going to do a long over due reread of the Harry Potter series. You may be surprised to know that I have only read the whole series ONCE! Blasphemy am I right?




The Cat Who Turned On and Off – Lilian Jackson BraunImage result for the cat who turned on and off

The third book in the mystery series about a journalist and his very intelligent cat .




9418Shopaholic Takes Manhattan – Sophie Kinsella

My favorite guilty pleasure of 2016! Can’t wait to explore this series some more!




Endless Night -Agatha Christie 

Image result for the hobbit bookThe Hobbit – J.R.R. Tolkien

Making an attempt at picking up the most famous fantasy epic of all time. Wish me luck!




And that’s all I’ve got so far. I’m trying not to overwhelm myself with an ambitious TBR this season. I have a problem where I am reading TOO MANY SERIES right now!  If you have any suggestions for stand alone books that I may like, I would love to hear them!

What is your TBR this season? I’d love to know!


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Who Am I? TAG

So, I am just going to make a habit of doing tags that I don’t get tagged in,  because I am my own independent woman. I saw this tag on The Belgian Reviewer’s  and Bookish Regards’s blog, so you should go check theirs out too.

Things I researched about myself:

  • The meaning of my name
  • My Myers Briggs personality
  • My zodiac sign
  • My Hogwarts House
  • My learning style
  • Am I left or right brained
  • What career should I be in?
  • My Divergent Faction
  • What my birth order means about me.

This is a long post so grab a snack and lets go.

Meaning of my name:

I actually know this one without looking it up and it’s rather embarrassing.

The name Kyleigh is derived from the Australian Aboriginal’s and quite literally means…boomerang.  So basically no one can get rid of me.

Myers Briggs Personality Test:

INFP – Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Propecting

I must admit I have taken this quiz before (because I love these tests). The most interesting part to me is that I used to be classified as INTP, but since I have gone to college, it has changed to INFP. It’s crazy how people can change you know?

INFP personalities are true idealists, always looking for the hint of good in even the worst of people and events, searching for ways to make things better. While they may be perceived as calm, reserved, or even shy, INFPs have an inner flame and passion that can truly shine. Comprising just 4% of the population, the risk of feeling misunderstood is unfortunately high for the INFP personality type – but when they find like-minded people to spend their time with, the harmony they feel will be a fountain of joy and inspiration.

Famous INFPs

William Shakespeare
J.R.R. Tolkien
Johnny Depp
Julia Roberts
Lisa Kudrow
Tom Hiddleston

Fictional INFPs

Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings
Anne of Green Gables
Fox Mulder from X-Files
Amélie Poulain from Amélie
Arwen from The Lord of the Rings
Sybil Branson from Downton Abbey
Lance Sweets from Bones

Zodiac Sign:


Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate

Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive

Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports

Aries dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use one’s talents

As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries almost always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent.They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition. They are always first in everything – from work to social gatherings. Thanks to its ruling planet Mars, Aries is one of the most active zodiac signs. People born under the Aries sign, are meant to emphasize the search for answers to personal and metaphysical questions. This is the biggest feature of this incarnation.

What Hogwarts House would you be in?


Hufflepuffs are trustworthy and loyal. We don’t shoot our mouths off, but cross us at your peril; like our emblem, the badger, we will protect ourselves, our friends and our families against all-comers. Nobody intimidates us.

I know some people get insulted when they are placed in Hufflepuff, but I couldn’t tell you why. I think its a very honorable house.

Learning Style :

Tactile – 45%, Visual – 35%, Auditory – 20%

If you are a tactile learner, you learn by touching and doing. You understand and remember things through physical movement. You are a “hands-on” learner who prefers to touch, move, build, or draw what you learn, and you tend to learn better when some type of physical activity is involved. You need to be active and take frequent breaks, you often speak with your hands and with gestures, and you may have difficulty sitting still.

As a tactile learner, you like to take things apart and put things together, and you tend to find reasons to tinker or move around when you become bored. You may be very well coordinated and have good athletic ability. You can easily remember things that were done but may have difficulty remembering what you saw or heard in the process. You often communicate by touching, and you appreciate physically expressed forms of encouragement, such as a pat on the back

I mean I can agree with most of this, but I am NOT coordinated.

Left Brain or Right Brain :

Right Brained – 72%, Left Brained – 28%

After finding that I was right brained, I had to look up what my results meant, as the test doesn’t give you an analysis.

The right hemisphere of the brain controls sensory processing and expression. Children who are right brain dominant are often very visual, spontaneous, emotional and intuitive but may struggle academically with memorizing facts and paying attention to details.

Creative kids tend to be right-brained, and when in learning situations they prefer to:

  • Be shown rather than told how to do a task.
  • Solve problems by looking at similarities and patterns.
  • Draw rather than write.
  • Physically handle objects.
  • Answer open-ended questions rather than multiple choice tests.
  • Discuss topics.
  • Assimilate whole chunks of information rather than break them down into discrete facts.


 What career are you meant to be in? :

Education and Training – 87%

Culinary – 67%

This is appropriate because I am currently going to school to teach Home Economics classes (like cooking and family life). So this is basically perfect.

What Divergent Faction do you belong to?



You belong with the peaceful. You hate when people fight over the stupidest things, and you’re never one to argue. You’re chill, always laid back. You’re open to the opinions of others, and you love being surrounded by people. You’re at your worst when you’re not on good terms with somebody, and you hate making enemies. You’re willing to make sacrifices if it means keeping the peace, and you usually play mediator. You’re fashion is always bright and vibrant, and you’re not afraid of color. You love music, art, and games—anything that will make you laugh, dance, or have a good time.

What is your Birth Order?

The Baby

Stereotype: Free spirit, risk taker, charming.


I REALLY enjoyed making this post. I find all of this extremely and I want to see everyone else’s, as well. So I tag EVERYONE. Seriously…all of you do it.